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Brooch Setting w. Alligator Clip (10) - Nickel

$5.00 AUD

Here is a little crafty gadget that I know is very hard to source, because it took me a long long time.  But here they are!

A lovely example of how to use these clips is from a friend of mine that does the craft shows.  She makes beautiful Japanese fabric flowers, and glues them into place on the cabochon front part, and uses them either for a brooch or hairclip.  They always look amazing!

The alligator clip can be used on hairbands, or straight in your hair, onto a scarf or shoe, onto a lapel, anywhere really.  And of course the brooch clip can be clipped straight onto clothing or maybe even a display quilt, handmade bag etc.  Or even your hat!  Really interesting little gifts for your friends can be made using these fittings.

The little round tray on the front is about 2.5mm deep and measures about 22mm across.  The alligator clip is about 38mm long.  The inside of the tray is flat and smooth so gluing will be quite easy.

What a fabulous invention!

Quantity per pack:  10