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Break Away Large Safety Clasp (10)

$5.00 AUD


These plastic Breakaway Clasps are especially important when working with children, elderly, disability, etc, as a safety to both of you.  With force put upon a necklace or lanyard made with these clasps, you will both be safe from injury.

An extra bonus using these clasps is that they are plastic - many people can't wear metal findings due to allergies.  These clasps can save the day!  Although do keep in mind they aren't for fine pieces (remember their dimensions - mentioned below).

Make a fabulous lanyard by threading one end of your cord through the thinnest end of one half of the clasp.  Knot the cord (maybe double knot according to thickness of cord) so that the cord will sit inside the clasp.  Put your beads or lanyard clasp onto the cord, then repeat with the other half of the clasp.

These clasps will take a fairly thick cord or leather lace, because of the generous sized hole in the clasp.  If your cord is too thin to stay in there without fifty knots maybe thread a small seed bead to the end of the cord and knot it around the bead.

Teachers especially are loving using the silicone beads with some decorative feature beads to make a stylish and unique lanyard to carry their keys and thumb drives around school.  I'm sure office workers, nurses etc would equally love these.

And all the cruisers out there in the world need a lanyard, so this makes a wonderful safety addition, especially if you love dancing!

Size: about 12mm wide, 27.5mm long, hole: 4mm.

Quantity per pack:  10 clasp sets

Colour:  Black

The colours you see in the photos are a different listing.  Click here.