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Bead Design Board - Multi

$12.95 AUD

Create your own unique pieces of jewellery using these great design boards to allow for greater flexibility while designing.

Great for jewellery making, craft projects, bead stringing, aligning beads prior to stringing, sorting and organising your beads.

The reason for the U shape is for necklaces, so you can see how the layout will look.  With 6 handy sections you can separate your different beads into piles to more easily use them when adding to your design.

When making a multiple strand necklace, you can follow the channels, and then when joining at the ends, the necklace will have a beautiful drape, the right distance apart - resulting in a professional, balanced look to the piece.

Use for 'illusions' jewellery by placing your beads at certain numbers of your choosing, to help keep the necklace symmetrical.