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Bead Design Board - Mini

$7.50 AUD

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Just starting out?  Or making a kit up for the kids?  Make their designing easier with this great bead design board for laying the beads out - you can see what your finished result will look like!

Great for jewellery making, craft projects, bead stringing, aligning beads prior to stringing, sorting and organising your beads.

The reason for the U shape is for necklaces, so you can see how the layout will look while the accurate markings help you keep your jewellery balanced and even if doing a symmetrical design.

There are 9 compartments to lay your different styles of beads and clasps in, and you will be able to see how your design is going as you lay it out.

Use for 'illusions' jewellery by placing your beads at certain numbers of your choosing, to help keep the necklace symmetrical.

This economical board isn't the highest in quality, but will be great for the beginner or traveller, or use for the kids.  

Measurements:  16cm wide by 23cm long and 1.2cm thick

Materials:  Plastic tray with flocking surface on the top