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Balanced Thread Conditioner

$6.00 AUD


This fabulous product is exclusive to Bead Shack. Made especially for Bead Shack in Bali, Indonesia, to our own specifications!

This BALANCED blend of thread conditioning wax includes Bees Wax, Soya Oil, Rose Geranium Oil & Lemon Oil.

This lightly fragrant stick of wax is just the thing for your work box ... and so much easier than a blob of wax or a box that your finger gets stuck in! At the same time as conditioning your thread, you can stay nice and balanced in mood whilst beading! (Now that could help on a complex project!? LOL) To use the wax, run your thread across the top of the wax, then run your fingers along the thread to spread the wax evenly. Waxing your thread helps prevent tangles and knots, as well as aids in getting knots out if they do happen; protects your thread for years to come - a must for a large project that has taken hours and hours and hours; can be used for beading and other types of thread work where conditioning of the thread is recommended. You can also use the wax on a rough piece of skin to soften it, so that your thread won't 'catch' on your hands.