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Artificial Sinew Thread (275m) - Natural - Waxed Polyester Cord

$28.00 AUD

Now this is amazing stuff!  Sinew is a more traditional thread used for native handiwork, weaving, bead threading, leatherwork & any other crafts that need a good strong, flat, waxy cord.  There are so many things to do with this stuff.  The 70lb test strength gives this sinew the durability for heavy glass and ceramic beads on your projects.

First, the specifications:

Test Strength:  up to 70lb break strength !!

Quantity:  225 grams (8oz).  Each spool has about 275 metres (300 yards - 900 feet)

Material:  Artificial poly thread created to replace deer sinew.  Unlike natural sinew, this has a uniform texture.  It is natural colour, 4-ply, which can be split to make thinner cords.

Cool Ideas:  Split the sinew into thin strands to sew projects where you need a narrower cord, such as dream catchers, glass beads, or other crafts where you need a durable and strong cord!