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Art. 5400 10x9mm Sapphire Cone (1)

$4.25 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.

A beautifully shaped cone which is centre-drilled. What exquisite earrings this delicate bead will make! 

The precise craftsmanship in these facet beads is world reknowned as the best quality crystal beads in the world.  Swarovski remains the oldest family owned business in the world - now into their 5th generation of Swarovski members!

We don't have the packaging to show you for these crystals unfortunately.  But they are definitely at least 40-50 years old from the detective work we've been able to do about them.

These beads are a rare find - sapphire in this shape is very hard to find worldwide.

Quantity per pack:  1 bead - Art. 5400 10x9mm Sapphire