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Art. 5205 Mink 17.5x7mm Elongated Bicone (1)

$4.15 AUD


A real find, because the colour mink went out of production years and years and years ago, due to the damage caused to the environment during the manufacturing process. It will never be reproduced.  Mink has a wonderful warming tone with dark honey/bronze tones.  So unusual, becoming very rare on the bead market now.  If you love the history of Swarovski, and love this colour, put them in your shopping cart and grab them now!

We have this bead in 3 sizes, 15x6mm, 17.5x7mm, 20x8mm.  You can see all 3 sizes in some of the photographs.

The shape is called an Elongated Bicone, Art. 5205.

This long bicone shape is really a gorgeous bead for earrings and necklaces, or as a feature on a bracelet.  I don't think they would go well around a bracelet as long beads tend to not sit in the right position in a small piece like that.  Although you can certainly try it.  With the right spacer bead between it could work for your wrist size!

Quantity per pack:   1 bead - Art. 5205 Mink 17.5x7mm