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Animals - Lace-Ups Pattern Book

$19.95 AUD

This downloadable E-Book gives you the pattern for the most popular from Bead Shack's range of Animals.  Receive:

    • Bessy the Butterfly
    • Cyril the Centipede
    • Dana the Mouse
    • Dizzy the Dragonfly
    • Ferdinand the Frog
    • Gregory the Gecko
    • Maximillian the Monkey
    • Sneaky the Snake

    Full instructions with sketches, as well as materials list is included in the download.

    Bead Shack has a great reputation for comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorials.  Children, of course, may need help in reading instructions, no matter what their age!  Suitable for kids 6 years and up, with help on the instructions according to their ability.

    Animals are constructed by passing cord in opposite directions through a row of beads to make the pattern, with the addition here and there of a wing, an arm or a tail!

    Beads needed are either 6mm or 9mm pony beads, thread needed is any thin cord that will pass at least twice through the beads.  Once the kids get really clever they can try their hand at making the same patterns using seed beads with fine crafting wire!

    Please note, you will receive a downloadable PDF file to your email once you have completed checkout.  The beads and cords in the photos are suggestions only, and are not part of this E-Book product listing.