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Animal Toddler Beads (10) - Lion

$5.00 AUD


Each pack will be a mixture of colours according to what stock is available at the time of order.  Bead colours will be mixed, chosen at random, although if there is a special theme you need, you could email us and ask if we have enough of a certain colour available for you - we will do our best to accommodate your choice!

Your kids will love these plastic colourful beads to thread with.  Use a shoelace or some thick cord up to 3mm thick to thread and re-thread necklaces etc.  

If you have dementia family members or clients, these beads can be a fun and tactile way of making a fine motor control activity.  Same for anyone with autism or disability.  You will really be pleased with these entertaining and safe beads!

Measurements: Between 14mm and 27mm with threading holes of around 3.5mm to 4mm

Quantity per pack:  10 beads