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Angels in Flight Kit

$15.00 AUD



This kit was designed by my eldest grandson Isaac when he was 10 years old, however he made his on black (!) chain.  It has been admired in our shop since 2010!  So we still stock the kit because, well, how can I not?

Everyone still loves this kit - it's not the sort of thing that would go out of date, as everyone loves a pretty angel!

The photo shows a slightly different dangle than the one used in the kits now.  The dangle is much chunkier and  about 75mm long.

Materials:  Metal Chain, wing beads and connections, Flower dresses and hats are acrylic, head beads are faceted glass to add some sparkle in the sun.

Tools Required: chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutters.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy