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Amethyst - Bottle of Stone Chips

$5.00 AUD


Postage Note:  We have put these down as a parcel, as they are glass and need to be well padded.  However if you order a few, the postage might look sky high.  We will refund you any unused postage if this occurs.  We only charge you what it costs to send in the mail.

What a wonderful little item to buy as a gift, or as something for the kids to explore and play with.  The boys and girls all love these little stone chips!  These are one of Bead Shack's biggest sellers - especially through the holiday seasons!

Some of our customers often pop into the shop and buy a couple as a little add on extra to a gift for a friend or family member.  Or you might be looking for small ideas for Christmas Stocking filler gifts.  They are also fabulous to use as little gifts on the Christmas or holiday tables, use them for teenager parties, keepsakes from parties and functions.  Pop a little piece of ribbon or hemp string around the top with a gift tag to personalise and they will look so very pretty!

One of my favourite memories was when our family would visit a crystal place in northern NSW and every time they went they bought themselves a little teaspoon of little stone chips like this!  They collected them over the years and the stones were displayed throughout our home in little bowls - always being moved around to different rooms, and always being admired and loved.

Real crystal stone beads from the earth are always a great healing, soothing thing to have in your home, and I can't think of a better little item to buy for kids, grandkids or friends.

Bottles:  Made from Glass with cork inserts in the top.  Size: about 50mm long, 27mm in diameter; Capactiy: about 13ml (0.44 fl. oz)

Stone Chips:  These are NOT BEADS as they DO NOT HAVE HOLES.  Chips vary in size, and they are packed randomly as the stock comes to us.  The stock may change from time to time as we replenish our supplies.