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Alphabet Mix (330) - Rainbow Letter Beads Mixed Pack

$19.95 AUD

We have hand packed these mixes ourselves - you will get more mileage with this pack rather than generic mixtures from other stores (packed by those whose first language is not English).

If you browse the list below, you will be able to work out if you need to purchase any extra letters to make your favourite words.  Single letters are available in packs of 10 & 50 on our website.

6mm coin shape flat round beads with a 1mm threading hole.  These acrylic beads are good quality, and with the 1mm hole for the cord, you will be able to use them for lots of crafting and beading projects!

Quantity:  About 330 beads per pack.

Fabulous for personalising items like key chains, lanyards, bracelets & necklaces and many other projects.

Pack has been made up as follows, but please remember the amounts might be a little +/- as they are packed in bulk.

A=20, B=10, C=10, D=10, E=20, F=10, G=10, H=10, I-20, J=6, K=6,

L=14, M=14, N=20, O=20, P=10, Q=2, R=20, S=20, T=20, U=20, V=8, W=12, X=4, Y=10, Z=4