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Acrylic 10cm Pressure Plates (2) - Polymer Clay

$7.50 AUD

Acrylic Clay or Ceramics Pressure Plates with rounded corners.  Use these to help you shape or squash/flatten your clay.  Use to form lentil shapes by swirling the clay by small rotations of the top pressure plate. 

You can even use them as small work surfaces when you need extra work areas.  It is always a great idea to keep your whites separate from other colours whilst working with them, and the same for really dark colours like red, navy black etc as the colours can 'dirty' your work surfaces and create smudging on your patterns.

Size: about 10cm x 10cm and 3mm thick

Clean up easily, and are lightweight and easy to store.

Quantity per pack:  2 pieces

Please note:  your plates will come with protective coating when new - please just peel that away to reveal your clear acrylic.