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9x5mm Oval Czech Glass Beads (25) - Opaque Orange

$10.00 AUD


These beads are so delightful & how hard is it to find a true orange colour bead??!

A smooth lustrous colour on a wonderfully versatile bead shape.  You can use these for so many things!  I bet some people would even love them on their fishing lures they are so colourful!

You will definitely need these in your stash for times when you need a pop of vibrant colour - maybe on a pair of earrings, or amongst other strong coloured beads on a long necklace or lanyard.  These are also a really great shape for embellishing cushions, homeware projects etc because there are no sharp edges.

The opaque glass has been made by pressing the glass to mould the shape.  They could possibly have been made in West Germany, but Czech Glass & West German glass can almost be the same category.  There is a deep history of glass making in these areas of Europe last century.

They are very old stock of beads, although never used of course, from a bead haul we did many years ago.  They would be definitely pre-2000 but we think much earlier than that, possibly 1980s or even earlier.

Measurements:  9mm long by 5mm thick with a .5mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads