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9mm Ice Pick Bail w. Loop (20) - Silver

$4.00 AUD


These tiny ice pick bails have a small loop at the top, and are for hanging a 1-hole bead or small pendant (for example a 10mm Swarovski heart bead) from an earring or necklace.

Sometimes an earring needs a fitting like this to make the bead face the right way.  Attach the loop to the ear wire directly, or by using a jumpring - whichever gives a good fit and makes it face the front.

Line up the little 'ice pick' prongs with the holes in the bead then give a gentle squeeze with your fingers so that the prongs both go inside the hole of the bead. Then gently give a further squeeze with the flat pliers just to ensure it is closed safely.Don't squeeze where the bead is, squeeze the metal above the bead.  Gently!

This finding works similar to a triangle jumpring, but it is just a little prettier!

Quantity per pack:  20