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8x9mm Filigree Dreadlock Beads - Gold (25)

$5.00 AUD

Dreadlock bead embellishments are SO HARD to find aren't they?!?  Well at Bead Shack we do have a few to offer.

The beads in this listing are lightweight made of iron, with a gold plating over the top.  At this price you can afford to change them fairly often too.

HOWEVER!  If you are looking for a joiner for thick cords or ropes, maybe for macrame or such, these beads work for this function also!  

The beads have a seam down the length of the bead.  Prise them open to fit your ropes or hair inside if needed, then push them back together.  You can clamp them as tight as you wish.  Now that's handy!

Measurements: about 8mm long, 9mm in diameter, hole: 8mm.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads