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8x6mm Spool Wood Beads (50) - Light

$4.50 AUD

These cute little wood beads are perfect for jewellery making - especially the little boys!  Team them up with a shark tooth pendant, or in between larger focal beads, and you have a great necklace.  You can even string them on cord up to 1.5mm thick, because of the large hole.  This makes them perfect for beach style necklaces!

They are also perfect for craft jobs like making decorations or hand made bags etc.

Excellent option also, for making wood bracelets - you need to not use anything longer than about 8mm on a bracelet, as they won't 'turn' nicely to fit the round size of the bracelet, if that makes sense?

It's in the nature of wood beads to sometimes have shards of wood inside the bead hole - you just use a nail or Awl tool to clear out the hole before stringing.  If the hole is rough, you can smooth it out and enlarge it, using a Reamer tool

Measurements:  8mm x 6mm with a 1.5mm threading hole

Shape:  Spool

Quantity per pack:  50