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8mm Stainless Steel Beads (25)

$12.50 AUD

Who needs large holed high quality beads?  These beads will go over thick cords for chunky jewellery making, macrame and of course, the hardest of all to buy -- dreadlock hair beads!

These beads are more expensive than our stainless steel pony beads in other listings, due to the higher quality of the steel.

So here they are!  Best quality stainless steel which won't discolour (or if they did you can scrub them as they are just like a stainless steel kitchen sink material!).

Wear them in your hair - they are smooth around the outside, so won't catch on your clothes or be uncomfortable in bed.  Great material to use if you are surfing or getting them wet constantly.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads

Measurements: about 8mm in diameter, 4.5mm thick, with a  6mm threading hole.