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8mm Round (50) - Terracotta - Pottery Look Lucite Beads - Matte

$5.00 AUD


These beads look like pottery but are made from acrylic with a smooth finish.  Great for that 'earthy' look without a lot of weight in your project.  Use these cute round beads alone, or team them up with any of our other interesting shapes!

These beads are 30+ years old - we're not sure of the actual date of manufacture.  They are part of our famous 'bead haul' we made from a closing warehouse years ago.

We feel like these are a lucite base, with a painted surface, but this is just our best guess.  They have the look of pottery, or ceramic, and fit in with so many designs.  Try some - you might be amazed at their usefulness. 

The finish on these isn't the very best, but we find these beads extremely useful, and if the paint is peeling a little, it's usually just right at the hole, which is covered by your next been anyway.  We think you will love them for their fabulous colours and shapes.  Browse our range to see all the styles and colours!

Measurements:  8mm with a 0.8mm~1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  50 beads