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8mm Metal Pony Beads (50) - Silver

$6.75 AUD


These metal beads are like a pony bead in shape with a lovely large hole for threading.  This makes them a wonderful addition to your jewellery, maybe as a spacer bead or flanking a shark tooth or pendant, especially if you are using leather or thick cord.  

Also will look great on any macrame jewellery or homeware items.

This size would be great for dreadlocks in your hair, or at the end of a braid. 

Use these beads anywhere that will need a strong metal, because stainless steel (think of a kitchen sink) doesn't go a funny colour!

It is very hard to find a bead like this!  We also have them in 5mm & 10mm sizes.

Material:  Stainless steel

Measurements:  8mm across x 4.5mm high with a 4.5mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  50