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8/0 (#9191) 24kt Gold - 1 GRAM

$4.00 AUD

8/0 is a great medium sized seed bead.  They are a definite must have in anyone's beading kit!

These precious metal plated glass seed beads will turn anyone's beading into an incredible piece of jewellery.  You could also use these beads as a cheaper option rather than using gold filled or 9kt gold plated beads, as a little filler bead or a small bead on top of a feature bead on an earring.  Maintain highest quality beading, without the huge pricetag!

Size of Beads: 3mm. Type of Beads: 8/0 Miyuki.

Quantity per pack:  1 gram1 = approximately 36 beads.

Miyuki:  # 9191 24kt Gold Precious Metal Plated

These seed beads are glass beads with a precious metal coating.