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6x9mm Magnetic Clasp (5) - Gold

$12.00 AUD


Fun and simple to attach, magnetic clasps are strong and eliminate fumbling with tiny latches and hooks. Easy to put on and remove, these magnetic clasps contain super-strong magnets that create an excellent clasp. This size measures 9mm long (including the loops) by 6mm wide. A great quality clasp for a great finish!

Quantity per pack:  5 clasps

Colour:  Gold

For bracelets:  We recommend adding a safety chain at least 5cm long, from one side of your bracelet to the other, in case the magnetic clasp becomes caught on something (eg a shopping trolley which is metal).  This will prevent complete loss of your bracelet.  Using our brass based chain fine chain will stop the chain from adhering to the clasp which can look unsightly, and be uncomfortable to wear.