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6mm Vintage Lucite - White (100)

$4.50 AUD

These pearlescent beads have such amazing effects throughout the bead.  From a shining moonlit sort of off-white to a luminous white, these beads will look fabulous on their own, or as fillers between larger focal beads.

Being a petite 6mm in size, they are very light weight.  They would certainly make great earrings and jewellery as every time you turn, the beads will throw out a different colour.  I think many people would call these a pearl bead, and they certainly would look like a pearlish bead once threaded on.  Maybe that's what the colouring through the bead is supposed to represent.  They are kind of a luminous, off white with a moonlit kind of flash or striation (not in lines) through each bead.  They make me think of mermaids.

The threading hole is about 1mm.  Thread these on tiger tail beading wire, fishing nylon, or any of your finer beading threads.

If you embellish fabrics, quilts, bags and the like, these beads would be amazing on your patterns.  Being plastic, they will not fade or peel.

Quantity per pack:  100 beads