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6mm Textured Bead - Antique Brass (20)

$6.00 AUD

With each bead weighing 1.61 grams you can tell they are very high quality.


This bead measures 6mm and the hole is 1.5mm so they can be used on a variety of stringing materials!  A lot of metal spacer beads only have small holes.  The holes on the edges are smooth and will rarely cut through your threading cords.  You don't see this on most of the regular metal beads.


Around the sides of the beads, little round dots are raised up and give a stunning effect.  You will love using these beads on necklace leather cords (especially for male jewellery) for a more rugged look.


The price point for these metal beads is higher than a normal spacer bead, but the quality will show you why.  Once you use these you will definitely appreciate the high end finish on the beads.

Quantity per pack:  20