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6mm Leather Washers (50)

$7.50 AUD


How weird and wonderful are these little guys!!  Are you looking for something really different to the normal?  These are Cowhide Leather Spacer Beads!

Fabulous little guys for putting in between your very natural style of beads, or even between things you don't want to have rubbing together.  Maybe you can use them for eyes on little handmade animals or to fix a teddy?  You know I bet the men would be interested in a washer that is soft like this ... especially the miniature model making men!

Even though I knew they measured 6mm, I thought they were going to be larger (probably because the picture makes them look quite big) but they are 6mm across, maybe little finger nail size? 

I really love being able to offer unusual things like this!

Measurements:  6mm across by 1mm thick, with a 2mm threading hole

Quantity:  50 pieces (approximately).