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6mm Cube Bead (25) - Pink w. Gold Stars

$7.50 AUD

These cube beads are cross drilled so that their featured 'stars' or 'asterisk' etched in gold show up even more.  The beads are able to move around and show their different sides when strung, so of course they will lend lots of interest to your piece.

All 6 sides are indented slightly, with the etched five point star in the centre in gold paint.  The delicate transparent pink is a very hard colour to find in beading - it's ethereal!

They are very old stock of beads, although never used of course, from a bead haul we did many years ago.  They would be definitely pre-2000 but we think much earlier than that.

Measurements:  6mm square with a .7mm diagonal threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads