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6mm Clasp w. End Tag (1) - Sterling Silver

$3.30 AUD
Sterling Silver

Tiny & lightweight sterling silver spring ring clasps for your fine beaded and chain jewellery!  When you don't want to compromise on quality, these clasps are reasonably priced while being precious metal plated!

Quantity per pack:  1 Clasp & 1 End Tag

Size:  5mm wide, 7mm long (including the loop), about 1mm thick, with the threading hole in the loop of about 1.5mm.

The opening loop on the spring clasp is on the side, rather than the 'end' of the loop, so when there is pressure on your thread or wire, it should not pull through the ring as the opening is nowhere near where the pressure will be.  This is a great advantage, as if you have a moving jumpring it's a possibility that your thread will slip out of the ring's gap.  You can always solder the loop shut if you know how to do that!

Together with your clasp/s you will receive an end tag (or closed jumpring).  Our end tags have no gaps in them, so there is no worrying that your wire or thread will pull through a gap.

Especially popular are the seed beaded bracelets with a clasp.  Most designers and sellers are using small precious metal clasps with these gorgeous bracelets for a high quality finish.  These petite clasps will do the job nicely!  

A popular method of stringing is using a thin nylon cord such as our Supplemax, which gives a soft drape, or for an even softer drape you can use Silk Cord or our Silky Beading Cord.  To thread the nylon, a Collapsible Eye Needle or a Big Eye Needle is a great way to make the job easier!

To operate, pull back on the lever towards the loop, which opens a space up where you can clip your ring or wire in to.  Simply let the level go to close the clasp securely.