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60mm St Christopher Medallion - Antique Silver

$12.00 AUD


Measurements:  53mm long (without loop) 60mm long (with loop) x 40mm wide x 5mm thick.  Threading hole is almost 2mm, so will take a large connecting jump ring, or cord up to about 1.5mm thick.

Quantity: 1

Weight:  27 grams

Material:  Brass

Look closely at our photo - you will see the water below, a staff in the hand of the Saint, wearing a long coat, and on his shoulder is perched a small child.  Once you gaze at it long enough you will see the separate parts.

Saint Christopher is venerated as the patron saint of travellers and is a popular symbol used for the protection and guidance for those embarking on journeys, whether spiritual or physical.

This pendant depicts St Christopher as a giant, carrying a child on his shoulder (some say it's the Christ child) over the water - symbolising carrying the weight of the world and the responsibility of carrying others.

Meanings have changed over the years and it's worn by many, even without a religious background, but the St Christopher medallion is always a symbol of faith, bravery, hope, protection and guidance.

The Saint Christopher pendants are believed to have it's origin from the Middle Ages, when the veneration of saints was a big part of Christian piety.

We have had these pendant medallions in stock for nearly 20 years, and they were quite old before that, when we discovered them in a great big warehouse clearance bead haul that we did.  We estimate they were made around 1980s.

The antiqued ancient look is adorable, and I'm sure you will find the right choker, or string of beads, to set this with.