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60mm Headpin (10) - Sterling Silver w. Ball Ending

$11.20 AUD
Sterling Silver

These headpins have been handmade in Bali, Indonesia by a village artisan who was very surprised and excited by our order of products after Covid devastated so many small family businesses over the past years.

The process is done by cutting the wire to length, then they heat the end of the wire to attach to a tiny ball which has been pre-made.

We have asked for them to made this length to give you plenty of room for wire wrapping the top of the pin.  We hope you will love them and enjoy the fact that they have been individually hand made.

The pins may be a little wiggly, but we have left them this way because if we straighten them for you, it hardens the wire.  Every time you press or squeeze wire it changes the molecules in the material and it hardens slightly.  So once you receive them, you can straighten them as needed for your project.

Sterling Silver, 60mm = almost 2 1/2  inch. Great quality headpins at a good price.  Not so thick, but you can wire wrap the top to keep more secure!  This keeps the price down for you.

24 gauge wire

Quantity per pack:  10 pins