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5mm Vintage Lucite - Brown (100)

$5.00 AUD


These luminous vintage lucite beads have such amazing colours throughout the bead.  From a shining moonlit sort of gold to a dark coffee brown, these beads will look fabulous on their own, or as fillers between larger focal beads.  I guess some would call this a cat eye bead.

Being a petite 5mm in size, they are very light weight.  They would certainly make great earrings and jewellery as every time you turn, the beads will throw out a different colour.  The luminous cat eye part of the bead acts a bit like an Aurora Borealis coating on an AB crystal - it seems to change the bead at every angle.

The threading hole is about .5mm.  Thread these on tiger tail beading wire, fishing nylon, or any of your finer beading threads.

There are no visible seams or joins on these beads!  Superb quality.  I can't remember if they were made in Czech Republic, or Germany, but they are at least 50 years old, circa 1970s or earlier!  These beads came to me in their original thick cardboard tiny box with their paper label on the outside.  I just love these kinds of finds, don't you?

If you embellish fabrics, quilts, bags and the like, these beads would be amazing on your patterns.  Being plastic, they will not fade or peel.  The beads have no seams.

Quantity per pack:  100 beads