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5mm Perler Beads - CLEAR TRANSPARENT (500)

$3.50 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.


Your child's imagination will overflow using these 5x5mm PERLER fusing / ironing / melty beads (they are known by many names).  They are amazing!  The shapes they can make, even movable pieces and 3D once they are practiced at it, will delight both child and adult!

Size:  5mm x 5mm with a 3mm inside hole

Quantity per pack:  Approximately 500 beads (packed by weight - around 30 grams)

Colour:  Choose from the drop down menu


  • flowers, leaves and people to decorate a fairy garden
  • shapes for keyring pieces for school bags
  • earring pieces, charms or pendants
  • favourite characters
  • your own characters from your imagination
  • scenes
  • photo frames
  • hanging ornaments

And these ideas are just for starters!  Have a look on Pinterest for some wonderful ideas, or even visit the perler.com website for some great designs.

Buy our bead boards in separate listings to allow your child to form their shapes.  

How do they work?

  1. Choose a shape to make
  2. Using tweezers or fingers, place the beads onto the pegboard in the desired design
  3. Lay baking paper over the top of the design
  4. Apply a heated household iron (as in what you iron your clothes with - haha if you iron clothes! but most houses have one)
  5. Leave the iron on until the beads are fused together
  6. Behold!  a shape to connect, hang, stand or just admire!