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4x2.5mm Rondelle Beads (50) - Rose Gold

$7.50 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Rose gold beads !!  Ahhhh!  So so lovely and great quality coating!  NOT TO MENTION - very very hard to source!  I think you will like this addition to our range of great metal spacer beads!

Such a gorgeous shape these rondelles are so great - the coating and quality is amazing - just touching them will demonstrate how wonderful they are.  They feel so smooth and good quality! You won't be disappointed to use these on your earrings or jewellery pieces!

They are 4mm wide, 2.5mm thick and have a 2mm threading hole.

These beads are great to finish off earring designs, or to place between other larger beads as spacing beads.


Quantity per pack:  50 pieces