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4mm Crimp Covers (50) - Gold

$6.75 AUD


Use these base metal crimp covers to conceal already-crimped crimp tubes/beads. Crimp Covers can give a professional finish to your work as well as hide your wire end or knots if necessary.

Simply use the outer notch of your crimping tool to close over a crimp tube/bead to finish your design professionally, or use your regular chain nose pliers. Close them into a ball - don't squish.

Covering your exposed crimp beads will result in an ultra-smooth and clean finish to your design. They will look just like a round bead!

Another great use for these - if you have a gap in your beading where your tigertail has slipped, or a small bead has broken, use a crimp cover to fill the space!

Quantity per pack:  50