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4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Beads (10 beads)

$2.00 AUD


Swarovski is rated as the best man-made crystal bead in the world.  6mm is a great size - not too big, not too small.  It fits in with lots of your feature beads because of it's angular shape and size.  Add a few or a lot, according to how much sparkle and pop you want in your piece!

If using between feature beads, it's a great idea to include a small bead cap or spacer on either side of the feature bead to allow both beads to be noticed.  Sometimes when beautiful beads are threaded on together without a separator, they can lose their appeal - pop in a bead cap, and the whole thing changes it's appearance!  Go on, try it!

Quantity per pack:  10 beads

Colour:  Please choose from the drop down menu