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33mm Column (5) - Off White - Ceramic Vintage Replica Trade Beads

$12.50 AUD

Measurements:  33mm x 12mm with a 4mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  5 beads

Indian beads can be a bit inconsistent in size, so measurements are approximate. This bead is white ceramic with a light blue and brown patterning.  Very interesting beads!  The brown stripes on 2 sides have blue lines and dots painted, the other 2 sides are opposite, with blue stripes and brown lines and dots.  These have been hand painted which gives them a wonderful vibe!

These could be used for multiple crafty ideas including decorating your own table cloth weights because they are quite a large bead.  Or incorporate one or two into an eclectic necklace strand.  Use as a feature bead or beads on a necklace, or one at the front of a bracelet. 

Made in the Dutch pottery style using a Delft blue these ceramic replica Trade Beads were usually made in small Indian villages.