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30mm Shell Discs (10) - Coconut

$5.00 AUD


These are amazing!  I purchased them with a project in mind to make hanging wind chime style decorations.  So of course I imported heaps in case other people wanted them.  So here they are!  And they are SO much nicer than I ever imagined!

I haven't been able to find these disc pieces anywhere on the internet, so I'm thinking they will be a great find for our customers!

Things to make with the coconut discs:

  • wind chimes
  • pendant light fittings
  • wall art & macrame additions
  • jewellery - use as a pendant on a necklace
  • engrave them
  • place setting markers for parties, weddings, engagements etc

Measurements:  about 30mm across

Quantity per pack:  10

The pieces are curved slightly (they come off a round coconut so they can't be flat!) and are very nicely lacquered.  You can see the quality and shine in the photographs!