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30mm Round Bead (1) - Vintage Lacquered Wood Beads

$4.00 AUD


This LACQUERED WOOD bead is a yellow ochre colour with a pattern which is made up of brown lines crossed to make diamonds, with black dots in between. The ends of the bead near the holes are patterned with brown as well. Bead measures 30mm with a 3mm hole.

Quantity per pack:  1 bead

Made in India around 1970/1980s as far as we can work out.  These beads are at least 40 years old.

Even though these beads were made in India, we feel they were made for a specific market in another country or countries, as the standard of manufacture of these beads is exemplary.  Traditionally, Indian beads have quite a rough and ready nature, and wood beads aren't something that I would associate with India.  If you have any information or thoughts on this range of beads (or any of our ranges of vintage beads) please email us and pass on your ideas &/or knowledge!