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3 Row Round Clasp - Silver (1)

$2.50 AUD


3 Rows of beads will attach nicely to this beautiful clasp with it's shiny silver with a muted patterned finish. 

Finish off a multi strand necklace of beautiful beads with this versatile clasp.  The closure is made by squeezing the little lever down.  Often called a 'turtle clasp' (due to the little lever looking like the head of a turtle) or a 'push pull clasp' (due to the fact that the closure is shut and opened with a push-pull action).

This clasp is easy on arthritic fingers, easy to do up and open, but still strong and reliable.

The clasp is part of a warehouse clearance we made years and years ago.  So this clasp is at least 20 years old, but of course it's never been used.  Just stored away.  The gold coating is still as good as new!  Made back when high quality was just the normal thing!