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3-row Buckle Clasp (1) - Platinum

$8.00 AUD

The quality of this clasp is just amazing.  Made from brass with a beatiful platinum colour coating, you will be very happy to finish off your hard work using this closure!

This clasp is particularly good for sewing onto woven items.  However notice that the threading holes are extremely fine on this clasp - only about 0.5mm in size.  You might be best using a tigertail wire on this clasp (check the size of your wire to make sure it will thread through before making the item).

If you are using crimps, the wire pokes into a hole, and the crimp gets squashed on the inside back of the clasp.  There is room there for this crimp to neatly sit underneath.  The crimp them prevents the work from pulling out through the hole.  If you are using knots, make sure they are large enough not to pull back through the holes.

The closure works by lifting the little lever in the centre which threads through from one side to the other (See photos I don't think I explained that particularly well!) and once this lever is clipped into place, you know you won't lose your bracelet or necklace because it's nice and secure!

Measurements:  30mm long x 14mm wide with 3 holes on each end for threading, which are about 0.5mm in size

Quantity per pack:  1 set