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2mm Leather Necklace (40cm) - Black

$9.95 AUD

Here is an easy option for your pendants and charms!  Buy these Cowhide Leather Cord Necklaces to make constructing your own necklaces and chokers easy!  Being only 3mm at the clasp, you can thread a variety of pendants or single beads onto the choker if they. have a threading hole large enough.  Or you can have a pendant on a nice large bail or jumpring.  Then use the same choker necklace but swap around the feature!  Now that's a money saving idea!

304 Stainless Steel Clasps in Platinum colour, with black cowhide leather cord.


  • Leather Cord is about 2mm thick,
  • Length is about 40cm long (15.7 inch);
  • Clasp: 18x3mm
The clasp on these is a bit unusual.  You need to push each side towards each other then hold and twist.