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28x9mm Teardrop (5) Ochre - Ceramic Hand Painted vintage Beads

$15.00 AUD


The title 'ochre' mans the big patch of ochre mustard orange-y colour on the beads.  The Llama is black, with other details also in black, with green grass and burgundy above the grass.

All beads made in South America around Peru have a wonderful story to them - usually depicting everyday life in the area.  The language about the descriptions usually becomes poetic, if described by a local - such as 'the llama eating the green grass provided to the people to sustain their families, under a clear sky'.  (This is just an example - my version LOL - but talk to a South American and you will know just what I mean!)

Measurements:  28x9mm with a 2mm threading hole going vertically from the tip of the bead to the base (through drilled).

Quantity per pack: 5