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28x16mm Rectangle (10) - Antique Gold - Vintage Metalised Beads

$12.50 AUD

Their patterning is tribal.  One marking is definitely a fish skeleton ...

Measurements:  28mm by 16mm, with a 5mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  10 beads

Use metalised beads when you want the look of metallic, but don't want the heavy weight of using metal beads.  Large metal beads will certainly weigh down your necklace pieces, or earrings!  Use these in place of metal, and you will be delighted with the result.  (They also don't have the price tag of metal beads!)

Some of our styles of metalised beads have large holes, so browse them thoroughly - you might find some that will suit your macrame or loomwork, hand weaving, drawstrings, bag embellishments, bag handles and the like.

Metalised means the actual piece is made from plastic & then coated in a metallic vintage look finish.  These pieces are very hardy, and don't scratch or chip easily.

Our pieces are part of a bead haul we grabbed around 2007 and they were already at least 20 years old, probably more!  New, not used items, of course!  They are quite unusual & not something you see in the regular beading market, although a lot of the designs are classic designs from long ago, and are always repeated with new manufacturers.