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25x10x15mm Squared Oval (10) - Capri Blue Transparent - Vintage Lucite Beads

$12.00 AUD


Measurements:  25mm from hole to hole x 10mm wide x 15mm (from the angled edges) wide with a threading hole of 1.5mm

Quantity per pack:  10

The shape of these is quite unique, being a cross between an oval and a rectangle.  The beads have no visible seam, but every now and then you can see a slight spot where they may join.  There are 4 sides to the bead, and each side has a series of 'cut' or 'scratch' looking little lines in them.  You can actually put a fingernail into the crack to feel it.  Each side of the bead has a different pattern to the little lines.  It's the subtle detail in these beads that is really surprising.  You will be very pleased to have found these beads as they are nothing like any other bead we have seen to date.

Make anything you like with these!  They will be great on earrings &/or necklaces.  If using for a necklace, do use spacer beads in between.  When you have a long bead it's best to space them so they 'turn the corner' on your project.  For a bracelet, you may not be able to 'turn the corner' on them for a small size, but they would make a lovely focal bead on the top.

We have 5 colours of these in stock - Capri Blue Transparent, Green Transparent w. Gold Lustre, Montana Blue Transparent w. Gold Lustre, Purple Transparent w. Gold Lustre and Red Transparent w. Gold Lustr

Disclaimer:  We have tried to describe the beads as accurately as possible, from our own knowledge as well as any knowledge we can glean from the internet.  Many of our vintage beads were made well before the internet became an everyday tool!  We can only find information about beads that other people have listed!  If you know any further information about any of our listed beads, please contact us and let us know - we would be so grateful!