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24 gauge Wire Elements - Gold

$11.50 AUD

Permanently coloured non-tarnish craft wire is great for all sorts of projects, including wire crocheted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  Dead-soft wire is extremely flexible which makes it ideal for creating flowing curves, shapes and spirals, as well as for wrapping stones.


Because of this flexibility it can also be easily unbent, so when it is used to create an element like a clasp, which will be subjected to high stress, it should be hardened after shaping.  This can be done by placing it on an anvil or bench block and striking it with a nylon-jaw hammer.

Size:  24 gauge - 0.51mm thick (0.02") soft temper round

Colour:  Tarnish Resistant Gold

Quantity:  9.1 metres (10 yards)

Made in Pakistan