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23x12mm Teardrop (10) - Transparent Fuchsia - Vintage Marbled Beads

$9.00 AUD

If you are looking for an unusual teardrop for earrings or such, these beads may be just what you need!  They are quite unique, with a transparent pink base with gold marbling through the beads.

With the marbling effect, you will see something different in every bead.   You will be amazed at the weight, quality, feel and superb colours and materials in these beads.  We are very sure these are made from Lucite.

Unfortunately this bead is not part of a family of sizes and shapes.  We received only this bead in our bead haul we did many years ago.  They would be definitely pre-2000 but we think much earlier than that.

Measurements:  23mm long by 12mm wide (at the bottom) with a 1mm threading hole
Quantity per pack:  10 beads