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23x10mm Tube (10) - Black Opaque w. Aventurine & Red - Vintage Handmade Glass Lampwork Beads

$18.00 AUD


Lampwork glass with diagonal striping going around and along the bead in metallic bronze which is called Aventurine - some with lines through the centre of that!  Really stunning beads.  The sizes of beads may vary slightly as they are handmade in India.

You can see in the glass (once you are up very close to them) how they have been 'wound' during the making process.  This is a really interesting method of making glass beads, and is a very old traditional method.

Measurements:  23mm long x 10mm wide

Threading Holes:  1mm ~ 1.5mm

Quantity per pack:  10

Origin:  Made in India around 1980s.  These beads came to us through our rather infamous 'bead haul' when we emptied a retired bead dealers warehouse many years ago.  The beads are new, never been used, just stored for a long time.  All the beads are checked for quality before shipping.

These are a really lovely focal bead.   This gorgeous decorative glass bead will look magical in a necklace or earrings - being a long tube they might not be the best shape for a bracelet, but you could certainly use one as a focal bead in the centre of the bracelet.  These beads are premium quality beads from India.

These beads are referred to as Lampwork - each bead is individually made, using a gas-powered torch or a blowtorch. The ribbons of Aventurine are hand applied, making every bead an individual work of art!

Aventurine (goldstone) was invented in the late 18th century and beads with this decoration appeared early 18th century, but mass production of the special glass didn't start until around 1875.  The decoration on these Lampwork beads was by using canes of Aventurine to add to the outside of the original bead.  This style of bead originally came from Venetian glass makers, later taken on by the Indian glass making trade.  Glass bead making was introduced in India around 1960.  They are replications of Trade Beads.  Our lampwork beads come from India, and are old (but new) stock - we believe they are made not long after India began to manufacture Venetian glass replica trade beads, possibly around 1980.