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22mm Fimo Pendant (1) - Buffalo

$2.65 AUD


Measurements:  22mm x 2mm thick, with a threading hole of about 1mm.

Sizes are approximate as all the beads are hand crafted. 

Quantity per pack:  1 Pendant Bead

These pendants work really well with one of our extra strong 10mm jumprings through the threading hole, so that you can easily place your cord through the ring - this will turn the pendant so that it sits flat to the front as you wear it.  You need to use a large jumpring so that it can 'reach' into the bead far enough to go through the hole without losing it's shape.

Because the beads are cut from a long 'sausage' of clay, the pattern is all the way through the bead, so both sides of the bead can be on show - fabulous for earrings!  Can you see all the colours & shapes in these amazing beads? 

They were made in Capetown, South Africa many many years ago & we have stock of these in so many varieties!  Circa:  1980s

Thinking about how these beads have been made, with long strips of each different colour put into a long sausage, then sliced & drilled, is enough to do your head in! 

They feel very velvety to touch, whereas modern clay beads like this just feel cold & like plastic, even though they are clay. 

The quality and craftsmanship of these pendants and beads are out of this world!