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22mm Cross Charms (10) - Brass

$4.50 AUD

These crosses are from old stock from our famous 'bead haul' years ago.  They are sold as is, and you need to expect them to be a bit 'boho' in look.  Brass has no coating, so they are a completely different look to plated charms.  In fact these look like antique crosses that you might find on a very old bible or necklace!

Cross is flat on the back, and blank.  The front is raised, and has a faceted look. 

You can just picture these as embellishments on a book mark or the front of a diary or journal, or on a card for your friends at Christmas or Easter.  So many ideas come to mind.

Quantity per pack:  10

Measurements:  20x12mm.  The loop has a threading hole of about 1.5mm in size.