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22mm Barrel (10) - Brown/Cream - Persian Style Vintage Beads

$25.00 AUD


Bead measurements:  22x18mm Barrel with an 8mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  10 beads


These beads are from old stock, part of a warehouse clearance bead haul we did in around 2007.  You can feel the quality of these beads (there are many replicas of these designs in modern beads, but they feel very ‘plasticky’).

Trying to find information on some of our vintage beads is quite a hard job.  We have called this range ‘Persian Look Beads’ because we need to give everything a ‘label’ and this is the closest we can come up with.  Should you have further information on any of our beads, please let us know as we would love to amend anything that we don’t have quite right!  Some of the beads we have are a real mystery, but that’s part of the fun!

We have seen these beads on a manufacturers sample card, who supplied these shape beads for beaded bag handles.  It looks like an old company, but the exact shapes were on their page.  The beads are Circa 1970 / 1980s.

With the large holes in these beads, you can see why they would have been made for bag handles.  However large holes like this, these days, means macrame and loom workers all over the world are seeking beads to put their thick cords through.

Some of the designs in this range are simple, and others are intricate.  There will be a design to suit just about everyone.  Which design will be your favourite?

They are made from acrylic, with a barely visible seam.  Some don’t actually seem to have a seam.

You could use these beads on thick cord chokers and necklaces, either threaded or knotted on.

And, of course, you can use them to make your bag handles!

This plastic bead comes from really old stock, back when macrame was in fashion in the 70/80s!  The whopping big threading hole shows 2 x 6mm cords easily passing through in one of our photos!  This bead is such a gorgeous feature, and we don't have too many of them left now! 

The colours in the bead range from a creamy-beige through an orange/brown to a darker brown.  The pattern is a diamond with a circle within, and a dot within the circle.  The shape reminds me of an old-fashioned cotton reel.

Beads with large holes big enough for thick rope to pass through are really hard to come by!  But here at Bead Shack we have quite a range of large holed beads!